What is Lock 'n' Level ?

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Lock’n’Level is the all new approach to the old problem facing all caravan owners.


"How can I get the caravan perfectly level and at the same time fit my own choice of lock(s)"?


Lock’n’Level will provide you with the solution to both problems at the same time.....and what's more, achieve it with very little effort. The only additional equipment required is a standard tyre pump. You can forget all the planks, ramps, bottle jacks, wind-ups, hydraulic jacks and scissor jacks etc. Your Lock’n’Level renders them all redundant.


With a little practice you will be able to raise your single or twin axle caravan up to 6" high, level it and fit both locks on a twin axle caravan in around 5 minutes. On a single axle it will take a lot less.


With the installation of motor movers, jacking a caravan or using a levelling ramp can be a major problem, not however for a Lock'n'Level! Unlike a lot of other levelling systems, the Lock’n’Level is totally unaffected by the installation of motor movers.

The fitting of motor movers on a twin axle caravan often necessitates the removal of the jacking points.


If you would like to read an unbiased article on Lock'n'Level just click on the link below!





With Lock’n’Level you can even change any wheel on a twin axle. In the event of a puncture or to change a wheel you can use your Lock'n'Level as a jack.


A bonus!  Because the ‘footprint’ of the Lock’n’Level is a lot larger than that of the tyre that it supports, it is much less likely to sink on soft ground.


The only additional equipment you will need is a car tyre pump and your own choice of wheel locks. (the Lock'n'Level is the perfect partner to your AlKo wheel locks). The Lock'n'Level works at such low pressures (up to 30 psi) that any pump good enough to inflate your car/caravan tyres will be fine. 


Please note:- We do not supply an air pump or wheel locks with the Lock'n'Level.




If you need to talk to someone who understands 'Caravan speak' you can call us on any of these numbers:


01525 375271

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079 47 89 00 24 (Terry)

079 31 31 04 81 (Derek)



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